Chelsea church of Christ . . .
                                                                             undenominational Christianity
"At Chelsea, God is growing a family that loves one another and shares the good news of Jesus, in hope of a home in heaven."
In Search of the Lord's Way (weekly TV program)

Think Magazine

House to House, Heart to Heart (bi-monthly Publication)

Apologetics Press (scripturally sound and scientifically accurate teaching materials)

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc.

World Evangelism (outreach program of churches of Christ, Voice of Truth International Publication)

World Wide Directoriy of the churches of Christ

World Bible School (offering free Bible Courses)

Concordance and Word Search Program

Institute for Creation Research (providing evidence for the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research)

Gospel Gazette (archive of religious articles written by members of the churches of Christ)

The Old Paths Archive (A depository of religious articles, sermons, poems, and books by members of churches of Christ)

Healing Hands International (Humanitarian aid provided by the churches of Christ)

Dandy Designs  (Articles about science and nature)